About us

Port Bouvard Homes , a Platinum Member of the Housing Industry Association, is a family run business that has been operating in the Mandurah, Rockingham and Peel Regions for over 20 years. We have undertaken many and varied construction projects throughout these years including offices, warehouses, recreational facilities, retirement villages, restaurants, retail buildings, project homes and architecturally designed residential housing. Our specialty is residential construction, catering to the needs of the first home owner right up to architecturally designed masterpieces. we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a high quality product at a fantastic price, and always on time.

What sets us apart

There are five key points that differentiate Port Bouvard Homes from other builders:

  1. Structural Integrity - Port Bouvard Homes is run and directed by Certified Practicing Engineers. So you can rest assured the structure will prevail.
  2. Small - As we are a relatively small builder, we can have plans and contracts ready for the Council in the blink of an eye, while our build times are even faster.
  3. Intimate - You’ll know the Supervisor’s mobile number off by heart at the end of the job. In fact, you’ll know the whole team’s.
  4. Family Business - We treat our clients like they’re part of our family. Our livelihood depends on our clients’ satisfaction.
  5. Steadfast - We’ve been building in the Peel Region for the past 20 years, and we plan on being here for another 20 more.

Meet the Port Bouvard Homes Team